10 Health Myths Busted.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! You must have heard of it a lot, to burst the bubble that’s not true.

I’m sure you were forced to eat that extra carrot by your mom because they are good for your eyesight. No, that’s not true. 

Did you too crack your joints and fear that they will cause arthritis! because your elders told you so.

You think just because you work out, you can eat whatever you want.
Well, today am going to burst some bubble’s and break a few myths regarding health. Just read and see how your beliefs become obsolete with fact!

1. 8 Glasses of Water a Day.

You must have heard and read a number of times to drink 8 glasses of water. Theirs no hard and fast rule to drink 8 glasses of water, rather you should drink to your thirst.

The problem with 8 glasses of water is that, theirs no defined measurement for the size of glass or volume.

Everyone has different water requirements for their body depending on their weight, activity level, and type of weather.

Rather than trying to achieve a number to drink water better drink to your thirst and make sure your urine doesn’t turn yellow.

2. An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away.

Yeah! that’s right you must have heard a number of times “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but that’s not true.

Apple contains vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants which makes it a healthy fruit but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to visit a doctor.

Not a joke, a man ate an apple a day religiously for 40 years, still, he had to visit a doctor. Next time you catch flu don’t rely on an apple, go get an appointment with the doctor!

3. Cracking Joints causes Arthritis

No, it doesn’t cause arthritis!

People think the cracking sound is made when bones rub with each other, no that’s not true, rather the sound is made when the air between the joints leave causing a cracking sound.

Arthritis is of different types and can be caused by different types, like when body’s immune system attacks the tissues of the body.

If you don’t believe me ” a man cracked his fingers of both the hands twice daily for a whopping 50 years and voila he did not get arthritis”.

4. Eggs are Bad for your Heart.

Eggs are bad for your heart and you should avoid them!

Eggs are said to be bad because they contain cholesterol which is not good for the heart but there are a number of studies showing eating whole eggs doesn’t increase the cholesterol level.

Not to forget eggs are super-food because it contains high-quality protein, fats omega-3, choline and many essential vitamins and minerals.

Go and rejoice your egg guilty free, eating 1 or 2 eggs daily by a healthy person is nothing wrong.

5. Detox Diet.

Detox diet is the latest fad and is taking up crazily among the health freaks.

Their’s no shortcut diet which will cleanse your body once you have it, your liver and kidney are there to detox your body and get rid of toxins.

Making a juice of some vegetables and drinking them is surely good for your health but that doesn’t mean it will get rid of the toxins from your body.

6. If you Work out, you can Eat Whatever you Want.

Just because you workout that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want.

Surely you can indulge in calorie-dense junk food, but it should be once in a week or less.

People tend to overestimate the calorie burnt by them in the treadmill or weight training, to lose weight your overall calorie intake should be less than your maintenance calorie.

7. Gluten-free will help you Lose Weight.

You simply don’t need to follow a gluten-free diet until and unless you are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease. People with celiac disease if takes gluten will cause a severe reaction in the body.

It’s simply healthier for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. If you are a healthy individual it will make no difference for you.

You should try to follow a healthy diet rather than going for gluten-free.

People lose weight while following a gluten-free diet because simply they cut out many foods from their diet, not because they eat gluten-free products.

8. Carrots are Good for your Eyes.

Yes, the carrot is a good snack and makes a perfect choice for a salad also.

Carrot is a very good source of vitamin A, a normal human being has sufficient amount of vitamin A and it simply makes no difference in eyesight and glasses prescription.

Yes, eat carrot but don’t think it will do a miracle to your eye.

9. Carbs make you Fat.

Yes, carbs can make you fat depending on the type of carb source you choose and the quantity you consume.

People tend to avoid carbs because they think carbs make them fat. Carbs are essential for your body and are more important if you workout.

It’s the type of carbohydrate which is more important. Whole grain such as oats, brown rice, and brown bread are good source of carbs and provide lots of fiber, vitamin, and minerals.

Any food consumed in excess will lead to weight gain.

10. Crunches to Lose Belly Fat.

Spot reduction is also a myth. The way you can’t decide where to put fat on, same way you can’t decide were to lose fat from.

Abs are made in the kitchen. Crunches or any exercise targeting core will build that core strength but your abs won’t be visible if you have that extra layer of fat.

To effectively lose that fat you need to combine different compound exercise with proper healthy and clean diet. Simply doing hours of crunches or sit-up won’t help you lose belly fat.


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