9 Random Facts you didn’t Know.

1. Human nose can remember 50,000 different scents. Human ears can distinguish millions of sound.

2. The Turritopsis Nutrivcula jellyfish is the only known biologically immortal organism in the world. The only way they die if they get consumed by other fish.

3. The heart of a blue whale is so massive, a human being can swim through it’s arteries and veins. A blue whale is also the largest animal that ever lived.

4. There are 1.6 million ant’s for every human in the earth. The overall weight of these ants equal to the combined weight of the world’s human population.

5. It rains diamond on Saturn and Jupiter.

6. Catfish have around 27,000 taste buds, we humans only have 7000 of them.

7. Reading in poor lightning or using phone in the dark doesn’t have any negative effect on our vision. It doesn’t damage our eyes, however it might cause eye strain.

8. The wrinkles that appear on the skin of our hand after spending time on water are caused by the fact that, when our body encounters an increased amount of moisture it understands that the environment is slippery. So the skin in hand changes in such a way that it will be easier for us to grip smooth surfaces.

9. Round buttocks are determined by evolution process. The main occupation of our ancestors were to hunt down and catch the prey or atleast run fast! Well filled buttocks are a great thing for this task.


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