Why our eyeballs don’t freeze in winter?

Don’t you think when our hands, eyes, toes, noses, and other body parts are vulnerable to cold and freezing but why not eyeballs?

Its not so surprising but our eyeballs can survive the cold totally unprotected. Even when temperature drops below freezing, people cover up themselves but no one worries about keeping their eyes warm.

Our eyes don’t freeze because they are almost entirely encased in our warm, well regulated head. They are positioned deep inside our eye socket and protected by insulating bones, muscle, fat and eye lids

Eye is less likely to freeze is the fact that with numerous blood vessels and is continuously heated up by the hot blood from our body.

In cold condition our body diverts more blood to the brain which in turn help the eyes keep warmer.

When it’s really cold, our eyes tear up. Tears are salty. The salt in the tears acts as an antifreeze, lowering the freezing point of the water in our eyes.


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