Why is water wet?

Water is wet? or Water is liquid, anything that comes in contact with water becomes wet? It's really interesting and funny how we need to play with words to find what actually water is? Lets see the meaning of wet- Covered or saturated with water or another liquid Cover or touch with liquid, moisten Liquid …


Why our eyeballs don’t freeze in winter?

Don't you think when our hands, eyes, toes, noses, and other body parts are vulnerable to cold and freezing but why not eyeballs? Its not so surprising but our eyeballs can survive the cold totally unprotected. Even when temperature drops below freezing, people cover up themselves but no one worries about keeping their eyes warm. …

Interesting and Fun Fact about Birds.

Birds are everywhere! They live in the forest, mountains, desserts. Some even live in the cities and are your neighbours. Some even live with you. Have you ever thought how small is the smallest bird? Who is the most common bird in thee world? Read on to find some weird and quirky facts about birds.