Why does a Leap Year has 366 days?

We all know there is a leap year every 4 years in which we have 29 days in the month of February which make it to 366 days in a year. Why exactly do we have this extra day every 4 year? We have this extra day every 4 years because earth takes around 365.25 …


Interesting facts about Earth

Our home Earth, our favourite place and the best place to live, yeah we don't have any other option , so our favourite place to live. Starting from school days we have read a lot about earth, yet there are many interesting facts which we have no idea of. Here are few fun facts to …

Interesting and Fun Fact about Birds.

Birds are everywhere! They live in the forest, mountains, desserts. Some even live in the cities and are your neighbours. Some even live with you. Have you ever thought how small is the smallest bird? Who is the most common bird in thee world? Read on to find some weird and quirky facts about birds.