Foods that are Claimed to be Healthy but actually are not!

Thanks to social media and advertisement, which we always believe that they provide correct information. Meaning of healthy foods and our perception about healthy foods have been changed by advertisements and their influence over us. We tend to believe "natural" means everything is natural, but that's not always true.Lets burst some bubble and see the …


10 Health Myths Busted.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! You must have heard of it a lot, to burst the bubble that's not true. I'm sure you were forced to eat that extra carrot by your mom because they are good for your eyesight. No, that's not true.  Did you too crack your joints and fear …

Interesting and Fun Fact about Birds.

Birds are everywhere! They live in the forest, mountains, desserts. Some even live in the cities and are your neighbours. Some even live with you. Have you ever thought how small is the smallest bird? Who is the most common bird in thee world? Read on to find some weird and quirky facts about birds.